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Monday, 20 November 2017


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We are leaders in the manufacturing of primary and secondary shredders and single-shaft shredders for processing a huge quantity of different materials and wastes with the propose to recycle and reduce size and volume.

Our shredders are suitable for processing various kinds of materials and wastes: light metal scrap (ferrous and no-ferrous), MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), industrial and hospital wastes, plastic materials (PET, HDPE, film, big-bags, polypropylene etc.), W.E.E.E. (Electronic and electric domestic waste, refrigerators), tires (car and truck), copper waste, plastic and metal tanks, electric and high tension cables, textiles, paper, wood.

Short description of our product range:
  • Special shredders and ferrous and non ferrous scrap recycling plants
  • Turn-key recycling plants for electric cables, PCB and W.E.E.E. (Waste Electrical and electronic equipment)
  • Waste recycling plants for RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) production from urban, commercial and industrial wastes
  • Shredders and lines for industrial, medical, civil and special wastes
  • Shredders for many types of plastic materials including low and high density, PVC, containers, pipes, packaging films and plastics in general
  • Tyres recycling equipment solutions: shredders and complete plants for rubber chips, crumb and powder
  • Shredders and lines for wood, biomass and vegetal products in general
  • Accessories for material conveying (belts and screws conveyors) screening (trommels, vibrating screens) and automatic sorting and separation (ballistic and densimetric separators, magnetic and eddy current separators)
Guarda il viedo del trituratore mod. MAC 1300 in funzione.
Guarda gli altri video su http://www.youtube.com/user/BanoRecycling

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